What’s up, Tiger Lily?

5 Apr Tiger-1

Just looking up at someone shouting down at me, not posing see. So, summer is in full swing in Bangalore, India and this means buttoning up is becoming harder for me. Though the casual side of my wardrobe needs a lot of work, I am getting there, and with sportswear trending nowadays, I decided to get myself these comfy drop crotch joggers and a pair of slip-ons. Paired with this rad Zebra print sweatshirt, they make for an interesting combo that will turn heads when you step out. On cool nights that is.

5 Apr Tiger-2

Meet Alan, my friend’s cat. He despises me with every fibre of his being. But I love him and he made a good prop.

5 Apr Tiger-3

Clothes are getting comfier as the years go by. The skinny fit days are going out and although I don’t see us going back to JNCO style, cover-your-shoes baggy denim days, fits are getting more loose and free. A simple hoodie, sweatshirt and sneaker combo may have been called slackers clothing not long ago but today, with major designers like Alexander Wang coming out with full blown sports luxe collections, such a look can even be called dapper. However I wouldn’t recommend wearing sweatpants to work yet. Also shooting in traffic is hazardous.

5 Apr Tiger-4
Whether casual or formal, shoes can make or break an outfit. This is my first pair of slip-ons and I am quite pleased with myself for finding something that complements another piece in my wardrobe, tackiness be forgiven. Any good pair of OG runners or sneakers can finish off an outfit like this well too. But make sure they are clean and don’t look like you’ve run trails in them. You don’t have to make a statement all the time, see. Like Apollo said, you’ve got to have the eye of the tiger man, the edge!

Sweatshirt from Threshold

Tiger Motif Slip-ons from Koovs (http://www.koovs.com)

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