Tokyo Drifter


I love Japan and Japanese culture. So when I found this Koi fish printed button-down shirt in a bargain bin, I just had to have it. Can’t have enough light cotton in the summer. And that’s me trying not to smile and channel some real Yakuza vibes.


Statement pieces such as this do take some effort to pull off. If you feel you can’t do it, start with smaller prints such as polka dots and move on to full blown allover prints such as this eventually.


Here’s a detail shot of the slim button down collar and the print. Took me a while but I decided not to go with a tie for this shirt. With printed shirts, ties are really hit or miss, so be careful. 27-3Koi-5

I went with a pair of maroon chinos in order to match the colors of the fish. Blue or black could also work but why not add some color when you can, eh?27-3Koi-4

Finishing it off with some bottle green socks, that are also in line with the colors of the print.


Topping it off with a mandarin collar jacket in light wool made perfect sense.

Mandarin collar jacket from Mast & Harbour


Printed Shirt from Pull & Bear (

Chinos from Wills Lifestyle (

Socks from Forever 21 (

Brogues from Clarks (

PS: If you’ve noticed, I’m naming my blog posts after movies that I love, so if you haven’t seen them, do check them out!

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