The Van Heusen Perfect Fit Challenge

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Water covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. That’s a significant amount. Your trousers cover more than 60% of your body. But to most men, they are merely an afterthought. Just buying slim fitting shirts and jackets does not flatter your figure as trousers influence your silhouette even more. Thankfully, in today’s world where manufacturers realize that we all are different, they give us clothes in a wide variety of sizes and fits. Yes, its not just women who get to shop by body type.

To be concise, there are three things men need to watch out for as far as trousers go. The waist, the length and the taper.

No matter what your waist size is, stick to it. Do not go lower or higher. I usually end up having to buy pants that are a size bigger because of my thick thighs (oh yeah). Keep in mind that your belt is not responsible for holding your pants up, but is only an accessory.

Decide the taper and the width of your leg opening depending on your legs. Your thighs should not test the seams of your trousers.

As far as lengths go, try not to let your trousers pool at your ankles. Cropped trousers are en vogue now and are a great way to show ankles and create a break in your outfit.

So now that you know how to pick your trousers, I’m sure you’re wondering where you can go to find a wide variety of trouser fits. This is where Van Heusen comes in. They recently made a    ‘Perfect Fit Challenge’ which said that if you went to the store and were unable to find trousers that fit you right, you could walk away with a shopping voucher! Knowing that I have proportions that challenge off-the-rack trousers, I set out to prove them wrong.

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And I failed. Van Heusen’s Beat Fit, which is a Mid-rise fit with a moderate taper fit me perfectly. I could actually kick in these pants, which is difficult if your pants don’t fit right, go ahead try it.

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Here are some of the formal selections I picked out, the widest one being the Custom fit on the right. Wider pants are coming back now, with comfort becoming the name of the menswear game, and crotch destroying super skinny fits going out.

VH Showroom visit-1

Here’s an outfit I put together real quick with the pants I chose. Note the neat break at the ankle and the taper in the knees. And yes, that is my happy face.

Since I did spend quite a lot of time in that store, I decided to put together a quick video to show you guys all the different fits that VH offers, casual and formal. Head to your nearest Van Heusen store, to find the perfect pair of pants for you.

Apparel by Van Heusen

Images & Video by Roshan Chikodi

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