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 Summer is almost over. Does this mean that I have to put away all my floral accouterments and start wearing drab grey wool clothes in preparation for the long winter? NO. This is exactly the right time to acquire blowout floral ties and build outfits around them.

Jon Snow can preach all he wants but winter is something I actually look forward to. To be able to layer without worrying about feeling like you are in a microwave oven is pure bliss. There is still time for that, but here’s another simple summer outfit.

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Sometimes when I’m in a fix for a new outfit, I build outfits around statement accessories. Like the floral tie I’ve based this outfit on. This might seem backwards to many but can yield interesting results when done right. Since the tie primarily contains the colors blue and red, I went with a red houndstooth shirt and navy blue chinos.

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Spread collars, called so because the points of the collars are spread wider apart, are great for men with thin faces. The wideness of the collar balances out the vertical lines of a thin face. Works for me. A red houndstooth or gingham shirt is a menswear essential.

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Plain leather belts work all year round but a nice mesh or woven belt really shines in the summer. Season appropriate and in a nice neutral color like this, a woven belt can really add character to your summer outfits. Also the zippered coin pocket on these Van Heusen chinos screams utility. No more loose change!

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Why brogue boots? Because I live in a city the where the weather can go sideways in an instant. Puddles, yay! A light blue denim jacket finishes off this outfit perfectly, without getting too dressy.

This post was shot at a mall. Seriously. Phoenix Market City is a very pretty place and in spite of being in Whitefield (aka Mordor), is a place I love to go to. Why? Well, like every other mall it has a theatre, a bunch of shops and places to eat at, but unlike the others, it does have a Burger King and a Zara store, under the same roof. As far as shopping goes, Phoenix mall is hands-down the best place to be at. Eat, shop, repeat. They also have an interesting Fall/Winter mannequin installation that shows off a hundred and one looks for the season, on right now. Readers from Bangalore, go check it out! Here’s me with my favorite look from the series, and a few of the monochrome looks from the set.Pheonix floral tie-80Pheonix floral tie-81

Pheonix floral tie-1

Denim Jacket from People

Shirt from Code

Tie Bar from Asos

Chinos from Van Heusen

Boots from Bellfield

Images by Roshan Chikodi

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