The Green Mile

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I find analog devices fascinating. Whether its moving needles on timepieces and speedometers or the feedback you get from the keys on a typewriter or a grand piano. So you can call me old-fashioned.  Exactly why this outfit is something completely out of the ordinary for me. Because its a short suit. With some typewriters thrown in.

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Popularized by Pharrell, the short suit is a classic with a twist and a perfect time to pair separates from your wardrobe, especially unstructured blazers and sneakers. The key here is dress down, not up. The above image illustrates my writing process rather truthfully.

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Keeping things easy up top, a deconstructed blazer and a lovely denim bow tie. Unlined blazers are a must-have for the summer, especially in warmer climates if you intend on wearing jackets often.

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A closer look at the texture on the tie. I used to be big on bow ties but then I realized that you can’t actually look badass (the look that I go for all the time) in one, unless its a black one with a tux and you are James Bond. However, beautiful pieces like this one, have to be worn.

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Coming down to where the party is at, these amazing shorts from Quirk Box just push this outfit over the edge. Loud prints layered over pinstripes literally ooze retro vibes. They fit great and end at the knee, as tailored shorts should and since they are a statement piece, they are easy to pair. As long as the rest of your outfit isn’t too loud, you’ll do just fine.

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Sneakers work well here because of the casual nature of the outfit. Chuck Taylors are a menswear essential and are perfect if you want a clean sneaker with great lines, and a simple lace swap can do wonders for them as you can see here. Another thing to consider when wearing shorts is what shape your legs are in. I do not mean you need to wax your legs, but you better be hitting those squat racks if you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree.

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Colors and the way they play off each other are a very important part of styling.

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Fit is very important here so make sure that your shorts can be worn without a belt.

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Quirk Box is a brand that I absolutely love, not just for their prints but for the fact that they are doing loud yet accessible menswear. I fell in love with them the day I laid my eyes on a Minion jacket, and I first dismissed them thinking they didn’t do menswear but to my surprise, they did and boy they do it well. I think that this outfit represents all that is great about menswear today and how we are trying to use timeless menswear pieces a little differently by adding prints or texture or simply pairing them in ‘odd’ ways.

But hey Angus Young has been doing fine all these years hasn’t he? So what’s stopping you?

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Blazer from People

Shirt from Mexx

Shorts from Quirk Box

Shoes from Converse

Images by Roshan Chikodi

Typewriter Credit : Asawari Ghatage

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