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Still wearing that button down and chino combo you’ve been rocking since 2012? It’s time to up your casual game, fam.

Athleisure is the future. That means sweatpants and tops that don’t fit. Yes.

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It is possible to wear sweatpants without looking like you’ve given up on life. Get a tailored pair that’s cuffed at the ankles and you are solid for all kinds of casual scenarios. Especially during a zombie outbreak. All those guys in skinny jeans struggling to run won’t live to regret their poor choice in trousers. Throw on a pair of (very) clean sneakers like the Roshe Flyknit PRMs I have on here. to read my review of the latest iteration of Nike’s Roshe line, click here.

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Where to get them? Look no further than your favorite sportswear brands. All major brands have moved towards the cleaner, slimmer-cut version. Nike’s Tech Fleece sweatpants are so comfy that they are making shoes out of this stuff. Throw them on when you are out running errands, getting groceries or just running.

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They feel light and are articulated at the knee, giving you a better range of motion. This makes reaching that nutella jar on the top shelf, so much easier. They don’t just look better, they feel better too. Sweatpants that actually can, do it all.

How do they do all this? Simple. A synthetic spacer placed in between two layers of jersey, traps and circulates heat without adding bulk. That’s science, working hard to make you a better pair of sweatpants.

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They also come with two zippered storage pockets. Anyone who plays a sport will tell you how hard it is to find bottoms with good pockets. The struggle is real. And damn these are soft. Almost life changing. Do not let anyone tell you that you’ve wasted your money on premium sweatpants. They have no idea.

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Throw on a tee that doesn’t make your muscles bulge. Comfort is the name of the game. This is a simple cotton tee from Nike with reflective camo accents, for when you get caught in headlights.

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Snapbacks suit almost every face shape and owning one in a neutral color is never a bad idea. First off, they protect you from the sun and go with anything except for maybe a three-piece suit. I don’t think that has happened yet. Some of them, like this one from Haul, come with printed brims and can be used to add another layer of detail to your outfit.  Note the usage of contrasting camo.

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More about this beautiful snapback from Haul. Haul Apparel is a young Bangalore based Indian streetwear brand that’s looking to spread extreme sports in our country. I love that ethos. Streetwear nerds, keep them on your radar.

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Wear your logo with pride. A logo shows more than how much you paid for the piece, it shows that you belong to a certain style-tribe.

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  Knowing how to pose with prayer hands is an essential skill to nail this look. Look at 90s rap album art for tips.

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Long black outerwear isn’t just for goths and detectives in seedy noir films. A longline bomber can really add some flow to your outfit. No, it isn’t a dress. Clothes that move and billow as you move, aren’t just for the fairer sex either. Longline tops add some contrast to tailored bottoms, without making you look swamped. A contemporary take on a timeless silhouette.

So those are a few simple tips to enhance your casual dressing ‘experience’ so to speak. Feel and look better by ditching those tight tees and soccer dad pants. Comfort and confidence are both key to style.

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Snapback from Haul Apparel

Camo Tee from Nike

Tech Fleece sweatpants from Nike

Nike Roshe Run Flyknit PRM from Myntra

Longline Bomber Jacket from Asos

Photos by Roshan Chikodi

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