Outfit – 11/3/15


My first outfit post on here. Decided to go with some reds. Summer is already upon Bangalore, and somehow I’ve only managed to get my hands on some nice jackets recently, so I’ve been trying to wear them as often as I can, on cooler days.


Other than mixing colors, a very important thing that people overlook is that it is possible to mix textures as well, to add depth and contrast to an outfit. Here the herringbone weave of the jacket and the parallel cords of the shirt really work against each other, adding depth to the outfit. If both were flat and devoid of texture, this outfit wouldn’t have the pop that it has.

Shirt – People (http://www.trendin.com/people/)

Jacket – Mast & Harbour (http://www.myntra.com/mast-and-harbour)

Tie – Turtle (http://www.turtleonline.in/)

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