Nike Therma-FIT Hoodie

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Worried about those cold winter morning jogs? As cooler temps approach, your outerwear needs to change. Thankfully, Nike has an answer to your troubles in their Therma-FIT range.

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Therma-FIT is a double-brushed microfiber fleece that retains energy and resists heat loss.

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The lightweight construction allows for warm insulation without being bulky.

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Why is all this important? In colder weather, your body spends a lot of energy keeping your body temperature at an optimal level while you continue your regimen. Keeping warm saves your body that trouble. Bears hibernate in the winter. Not you. Don’t let the cold put the freeze on your workouts.

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Articulated at the elbows, and double-zippered for ease of movement.

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Simply put, it traps heat, keeps you warm and functioning the way you would be in normal conditions even when it’s freezing outside. Weather changes, but your fitness needs don’t. Stay prepared.

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Therma-FIT apparel from Nike

Photos by Uday Shanker

Model: Arun Joseph

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