Nautica Fall ’15 Collection I

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Ever had the infamous blanket conundrum? On is too hot, off is too cold. I usually go half on, half off. When it comes to fall, it isn’t cold enough or hot enough outside so I guess the solution is to wear a hoodie with shorts. Make sense? 

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It isn’t hard to look dapper in menswear pieces that are usually called ‘sloppy’. Materials and details make all the difference.

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Muted colors are great for colder weather. Switch black for grey and a lighter blue for navy topwear. Here I am looking for sea creatures, in a lake. I did find some shells, which I promptly made a necklace out of. That’s what wearing shorts makes you do.

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A polo shirt is simply the ultimate smart-casual menswear piece. Technical lightweight fabrics keep you feeling and looking cool. Make sure to get a clean one, or one with just a small logo. Keep it low-key, fam. As always, fit is important so make sure that the sleeves end mid-bicep, and never ever pop that collar. Wear it wrong and you could look like a retired golfer, or John Mayer circa ’05.

Aw, hell no.

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While I do not know much about golf, I do know that anything with a shearling lining is amazingly comfy and warm, even more so when applied to a laidback piece like a hoodie. It’s a great contrasting visual detail too! This hoodie from Nautica has all that and makes me want to live in it.

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Tortoiseshell frames are classic and look good on anyone. These are slightly larger than the normal silhouette, but that keyhole nose bridge does it for me. And I did find shells, see.

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Apparel and Sunglasses from Nautica

Photos by Roshan Chikodi

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