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As a man, buying your first suit is a big deal. Whether it’s for a job interview, a wedding, or a funeral, it can be a daunting prospect, but one that brings joy and marks your passage into adulthood. Since it is so important, it also shouldn’t be boring. Enter the double-breasted denim suit from Mr Button. Your life will never be the same again.

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A man should own at least one suit. Not because you need to wear them on certain occasions but simply because they are fantastic. Wearing a suit gives me a certain sense of purpose that no other item of clothing can. On days when I am suited up, I know I can get what I want, whether it’s that new client or that cone of strawberry ice cream that I’m craving.

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If you are buying your first suit, it would be better to get one in Navy or Charcoal as opposed to getting one in black. This is because they are more versatile colors which work for multiple occasions, and you can actually use the separates from the suit to create completely new outfits.

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Often associated with mobsters from the 40’s and boardroom warriors from the 80’s, double-breasted jackets are finally making a comeback thanks to the vintage resurgence we’ve been seeing. Gone are the boxy intimidating cuts of old. Today’s double breasted jacket is much sleeker and cut closer to the body, which means that you aren’t going to be hiding any large firearms in it.

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Fear not, for this is not some Chuck Norris-esque Canadian tuxedo. This is an actual suit, just made from everyone’s favorite material, stretch denim. Lightweight construction ensures that you don’t end up getting burned to a crisp in the summer, and as for the winter, you know that denim works well there.

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   Fabric type is as important as the color when it comes to buying a suit and getting a suit in denim, as wrong as that may sound, is not a bad idea as you can see here. This is the difference that fit makes. It can make traditionally ‘wrong’ clothing, look right on anyone. Big props to Mr Button for doing something offbeat so you don’t get lost in that sea of suits at work.

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In my sartorial experience, however short it may be, I’ve noticed that colors that are on flags work well together.

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Peak lapels scream elegance, old school and money. And I love pointy objects. They also make you look wider and help you make more of a statement. Cutaway collar shirts go hand in hand with any kind of vintage clothing. Note the contrast stitching, which is also present around the trouser pockets. Six buttons are the best as far as double breasted suits go, so stick to that number.

A perfect example of a classic cut that has been adopted for the modern day, the double breasted jacket is back, and looks like it’s here to stay.

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The Osaka Heir denim suit jacket, denim trousers and cutaway collar shirt, all from Mr Button

Photos by Roshan Chikodi

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No matter how much of a Takeshi Kitano face I try to make, we all know that the car is the real star of the show here.

Thanks to Adi for making this happen.

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