#24HoursintheCity with Lee MagmaFusion Denim I


Ever wonder what I do in a day? Wonder no more, here’s a photostory showing you just that.

LeeMagma-2 LeeMagma-4 LeeMagma-5

Waking up in weird places surrounded by the spoils of the night before is not always fun. Yes, I love sugary drinks.


Directing your mental attention is something best practiced on a railway track. Why? Because you have to be real attentive to catch incoming locomotives.


And gain the occasional disciple.


Board and breakfast.


Followed by a quick session at the park.


My other ride is a motorcycle. Because Bangalore traffic.

LeeDip1 LeeMagma-20

Climbing tall structures and running in human-sized hamster wheels are both great substitutes for traditional(boring) workouts.


Catching up with my main man, MC Ron. We both love red shoes.

LeeMagma-23LeeMagma-26LeeMagma-25 LeeMagma-24

The arcade is still one of my favorite places to be at. I think most gamers tend to forget where they started.


Gotta’ get that paper.


I’ve always wondered why they never dress up mannequins for Halloween, so this time I decided to be one.

 On a more serious note, the real star of the show here is the pair of Lee MagmaFusion jeans I have on. These have volcanic crystals infused into the fabric, that help keep you warm as the temperatures drop. The back brushed inner layer stores heat from your body in the pores of the yarn, minimizing heat loss, while the outer layer allows for ventilation and breathability, giving a quick-drying and deodorising effect.

So whether it’s waking up by the poolside on a cold morning or pretending to be a zombie mannequin by night, Lee jeans have got you covered.

MagmaFusion Denim from Lee jeans

Photos by Roshan Chikodi


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