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Wear a suit to work everyday? Sick of it? Here’s an easy way to put some pizzaz into that old two piece of yours. It involves math. No, not calculus. Geometry. Read on to find out how!

About calculus.

Cannot waste an opportunity to insert an LOTR meme. On with geometry then.

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Geometric prints are always interesting as the effect they have always depends on the size of the print. Smaller prints can be very subtle, yet pleasing to eye, while larger prints can make you look very bold. The best way to wear them is to include them without making your outfit look too busy. And if they are in bright colors like the blue here, make sure to anchor them with other muted colors like grey.

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If you could only own one tie bar in your life, then it would have to be a flat black slim bar. Goes with any tie, and does it’s job without standing out. A pocket square is another simple accessory that goes a long way. Some people prefer to match their ties and squares (they do come in sets sometimes), but it’s better not to do that as it makes your outfit look plain, even though you have two accessories on. Try to match it to something else, or go wild and don’t match it to anything at all. Start with a simple white or navy square before acquiring squares in green and burgundy, maybe even one in paisley.

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A simple wooden beaded bracelet on your wrist can really draw the eye, whilst telling people a little about yourself.

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A suit in grey houndstooth or herringbone is an absolute menswear essential. I even prefer it over the classic navy suit. Grey goes with absolutely every color. I am wearing a blue shirt and a purple tie and they do not look out of place because the grey holds them down. Just like the bassist in a blues band. Grey is a color that can effortlessly transition from a workday to an evening at the club. Adding a geo print shirt to a suit like that is like having nuclear weapons in the 1900s. It’s not fair to everyone else!

So head to your nearest Lifestyle store and check out their new InstaSuave edit for the new season, which is all about pairing geometric prints with timeless suits.

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And yes, I should stop wearing glasses that are too big for my face, but you know what they say, when it’s scorching out, the best sunglasses you have are the ones on your face. I totally made that up.

Suit, shirt and tie from Code

Shoes from Clarks

Photos by Roshan Chikodi

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