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 Buddy, Baby, Hubby, Daddy. In his lifetime, a man wears many hats. I don’t wear hats. This fedora belongs to a friend. The only hats I’ve ever owned are New Era snapbacks as you can see in this earlier post. So this is me trying to fill that hat-shaped gap in my life.

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Hats are a must-have for men in the summer. Why? Because you need to protect that melon from those rays. Hats, like the Fedora, were once considered a sign of distinction and elegance, whether a man was taking his hat off to greet a lady or doffing it at a funeral. There was a time when a man wouldn’t leave home without his hat but that was a long time ago. Today, wearing a hat is an easy way to complete an outfit by adding an inspired final piece to top it off. Just be sure to wear it with confidence. Rock that side tilt like MJ, not like Kevin Federline. Please.

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I hate Bandhgalas. They remind me of scheming politicians. The only way to get me into one is to print Unicorns on it. Or colorful airplanes in this case, which is pretty close. I would actually vote for a politician who could pull off this wonderful piece from Quirk Box. Airplanes printed over graph checks belong on fabric, not just on aviation schematics. Quirk Box’s latest collection teaches us just that. Not only does it fit great, a bold print like this also makes quite the statement so everything else is kept low key in this outfit. A simple linen mandarin collar shirt makes for a great base layer.

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Bandhgala’s and some other objects of clothing (see onesies and dungarees), don’t leave you with much to work with as far as layering goes. So in order to personalize your outfit, accessorize. Simple colored beads can add a lot of pop and personality to an outfit, as can rolling up your sleeves a little. Nehru jackets do not a pacifist make.

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Van Heusen’s Beat Fit trouser is a mid rise tapered pant that I absolutely love for the amount of room it offers, though it is cut close in the leg. It’s perfect.
One must exercise caution when putting together outfits that are this fly, you might just end up like Mary Poppins. Chuck Taylors are the go to sneaker here, comfort being the name of the game. And the rains are here so please, pretty please, carry a big umbrella. Don’t let grey clouds dampen your 50 shades of swag.

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Shirt from Red Tape

Bandhgala from Quirk Box

Trousers from Van Heusen

Sneakers from Converse

Images by Roshan Chikodi

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