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If at least a few men didn’t have open minds when it comes to menswear, our lives would remain dull and lackluster. Men’s wardrobes would be full of blue, beige and grey. But fortunately for us, this is not the case. Flowers don’t just look good in gardens and in vases. They look great on men too. Read on for a guide to wearing florals this season.GQ PrintsPatterns-5

Alright men. It’s time to get over to the other side, where the grass is greener and flowers grow in abundance. Designers have been putting out collections with floral motifs for a few years now but I am yet to see that trickle down to the streets. Prints and patterns are designed to draw attention and if you are dressing to make a statement, then florals are for you. For those who are fans of turning physical pages, the September issue of GQ India contains a handy style guide for what to wear this Fall and guess what? The focus is on florals.

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What am I looking for? Open minded men who dare to wear weird colors, prints and accessories. So few and far between they are. Society is to blame for this I suppose. Flowers are for girls they say. Flowers are alright on men, as long as they are on Hawaiian shirts and board shorts. Hogwash! Flowers are alright on anything. If you can’t find a floral blazer, you can always find a tee or a tie or even a pocket square to add some color to your outfits. If you aren’t sold on any of those, get a pair of floral sneakers and give your feet the botanical treatment.

For an outfit featuring a floral tie, check out this post from a few weeks ago.

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Real flowers make excellent pocket squares! Choose one in a bright color to draw the viewer’s eye. If you don’t feel confident rocking bright floral patterns, you can always go for darker or more subtle prints which are also popular today. I consider those more wearable generally, as they seem more masculine.

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The extreme cutaway collar on this shirt is quite a rare sight nowadays. It frames the wearer’s face while drawing attention to the tie. Note how I’ve used a pink tie on a pink striped shirt. You’d think it would blend in, but the tie bar doesn’t quite let that happen.

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So, if you do find yourself on the fence about donning florals, stop ruminating. Take the plunge. Get out of that navy and beige comfort zone you’ve created. I believe that if you can pull off florals, you can pull off anything.

Blazer from Koovs

Shirt from Code

Tie and Tie Bar from Asos

Brogues from Clarks

Jeans from American Bull

Photos by Jvack Toto

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