Ed Hardy Autumn/Winter ’15 I

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Have you got your dose of military style for the year yet? If not don’t worry, Ed Hardy has you covered with their new Autumn/Winter collection. Look mil-spec without having to wake up early or run an obstacle course.

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Olive is one of the most underrated colours of the spectrum when it comes to menswear. Extremely versatile without making you stand out, Olive tops or bottoms look great no matter what your skin tone.

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Dual pocket cotton shirts are absolute essentials for men as they can add some much needed symmetry to your outfits.

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  Dark slim fit jeans with biker details? Hell yeah.

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Somebody told you not to match your shirt and tie? Forget that. Rules, especially the ones that pertain to style, are meant to be broken. And man I love epaulettes on shirts.

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It’s all about the details. Every retailer makes shirts, but it’s the details that set them apart. In the same way, a simple bracelet can go a long way in setting you apart from the rest.

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Boots are great for Winter, just make sure not to get something with a lining, because it isn’t that cold yet and you don’t want to feel like you’re walking on coals all day. Don’t tuck your jeans into your boots, roll your cuffs and just let them sit on top.

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So add some greens to your menswear diet for a look that draws attention without commanding it. A jacket and boots help adapt this masculine look for Winter.

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Shirt and Denim from Ed Hardy.

Ed Hardy’s new collection is available in stores now.

Photos by Roshan Chikodi

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