1. a drug taken illegally for recreational purposes, especially cannabis or (US)heroin.

2. a stupid person.

This post has neither of these. What it does have though, are some totally dope (3. adj. very good) garments including a bucket hat.

Oh yeah.

And it says Dope.


Bucket hats have come a long way today from their humble beginnings as standard issue headgear, used to protect the necks of Israeli Defense Force personnel from the desert sun back in the 40’s. After being adopted by a variety of hip hop figures in the 80s, their resurgence is now at its peak with various designers like Margaret Howell, Rag & Bone and Craig Green featuring them in all kinds of colors and prints. Streetwear brands like Stussy and New Era never stopped making them in spite of boy bands reppin’ them (I love you AJ).


And they do a great job of keeping the sun away. Bangalore is currently seeing some welcome respite from the ubiquitous rain clouds of this season and I’ve been wearing my hat everywhere. Unstructured construction means that you can barely feel it on your melon and boy does it add some quirk to your look. All I need now are some chains to look like L.L. here.



Prints look great in darker shades too, as you can see in this Geometric print shirt from Strawlous. Strawlous is a brand that is about three months old, from Mumbai, who make some edgy shirts designed in Europe.


A closer look at the contrast placket on this shirt. Along with those lovely buttons, it really makes the shirt pop.

Oh and don’t forget the contrast pocket too!


Some more details here. Spot all the orange logos to win a prize! Apart from being extremely comfy, the fabric on this shirt feels premium and looks like it will hold up to the rigors of being used as workwear as well as multiple washes.


The shirt is cut slightly longer, with a curved hem. The print really takes center stage here and I’ve simply used the black of the jeans and the hat to bracket in the shirt. Keeping everything else monochrome is a great way to highlight statement pieces.


To complement the grays in the shirt, I dressed up my feet in the Nike Flyknit Roshe. The textured knit upper draws eyes while the Phylon midsole makes walking feel like a breeze. This outfit is geared towards comfort and will work great in any casual situation. Like a movie date perhaps? A movie that I am waiting for eagerly is Dope, a crime comedy about a trio of high school seniors obsessed with 90’s rap. Now that’s…

   Shirt from Strawlous

Jeans from Stanley Kane

Sneakers from Nike 

Jacket from Zara 

Photos by Roshan Chikodi


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