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Contrast is the difference in luminance or color that makes objects distinguishable from one another. And in a way all of us try to set ourselves apart from the rest. But how different are we really? I set out to find just that out with fellow dapper gent, Dipayan Debbarma.

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From the outset for this collaboration it was decided that we would do our own thing. Which is why I look like a box of popsicles and Deb looks like Bruce Wayne. I went with my favorite orange/blue color combo while he went for a classic, timeless and well cut black suit. So here are two very different ways of doing the same thing – looking real damn good.

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Linen jackets make for loose fits and summer comfort. When going for a (popsicle) look like this, color-blocking wisely is imperative as you do not want to go overboard. For my guide to wearing linen in summers, click here. An orange knit tie adds some essential texture to my chest as well as some color. Wristbands, and I do not mean the LIVESTRONG kind, are all the rage now as jewelry for men, or ‘mewlery’ as it is sometimes called (maybe), becomes more widely accepted. Simple leather bands or beads for your wrists can help add that extra personal touch to your outfits.

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A nice black suit will last you a long time and keep you company at a wide variety of occasions, fortunate or unfortunate as they may be. Deb had this tailored for him, and you can see the difference. No garment bought off a rack will ever fit you the way a tailored garment will. A crisp white shirt, a patterned black tie, a matching watch and a wrist band help round of the outfit nicely. A paisley pocket square helps lend the pop here, and reminds me that I need to get me some pocket squares too.

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Deb designed that shirt himself and I dig the embroidery, a nice alternative to the ubiquitous printed shirt.

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Men in suits run too, ask this guy. Also proves that we look good on the move too.

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Coming to those wrist bands I have on here, Deb made them too! Since my tie clip is also an anchor, the wrist bands help me moor this outfit deep within the nautical theme (puns).

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A little more about Deb. He is a fashion designer, an extremely creative and experimental one at that. Inspiration comes to him from his surroundings – he observes and creates. And the things he makes are just amazing, from the embroidered shirts, to the colorful collection of men’s accessories. To see more of his creations, visit his Facebook page.

‘I see and get inspiration from anyone or anything that hits my mind which forces me to create something beautiful in any form.’

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So, there you have it. Two different ways to look great in menswear staples, from two men prospering in the business of looking dapper.

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On Me:

Shirt from Allen Solly

Foldable Wayfarers from D-Struct

Tie from Jack n Jones

Brogues from Clarks

Linen jacket from Indian Terrain

Tie Bar from Asos

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