Crimson Tide

Red Rain-10Rain. Some of the weird ones among us seem to enjoy this phenomenon. Pluviophiles or something. I however, hate the rain. Being outdoors means getting soaked and mostly spending time stuck in traffic or waiting under the eaves of shops. Being indoors means being stuck in a house without electricity, with only the company of mosquitoes to help pass the time. But all this doesn’t mean that you can’t look good during the rains. It is possible and I will show you how you can step out looking like a million bucks and show mother nature she can’t knock your hustle with a little downpour.

Red Rain-3Tech jackets are the best way to do this. Materials nowadays can be made to have a wide variety of qualities and water proofing is the one thing you need, to get through the rains (Duh). This doesn’t mean that you have to get yourself a long bulky polyester jacket that will make you look like a  fisherman. Get a slim cut unlined jacket in waterproof nylon. And when in a lovely color, these can prove to be a great blend of functionality and style.
Red Rain-4

Sticking to last week’s monochrome theme, I decided to go all red for this outfit, thankfully there were no angry bulls on location. As I said in the previous post, working with a single color has many benefits, including making you appear taller.Red Rain-6

An Oxford Cloth Button Down shirt is a menswear essential and being slightly thicker than your average cotton shirt, helps keep those chilly breezes that come with the rains at bay. Buttons on your neck mean no more flappy collars. And when picking a tie for your monochrome outfit, ensure that it isn’t too loud and doesn’t attract too much attention. Cohesion is key. Red Rain-7

Keep your rain jacket in your bag or in your car so you can throw it on when the weather turns. Owning one in a color that goes with the most number of colors is a good idea. Personally, I feel that as far as nylon outerwear goes, the louder the better. Just throw it on top of whatever you happen to be wearing and wear it with confidence. It really is that simple.

Red Rain-8Failing to dress appropriately for weather is a major yet common style sin. Do not let a little rain hamper your style, creativity and the amount of work you put into looking good every day. Meanwhile, I will be hard at work on my experiments that will help bring an end to precipitation worldwide so we can all hang our laundry out to dry any time, in peace.

Red Rain-9

Lightweight Rain Jacket from Marc Jacobs

OCBD Shirt from Arrow

Trousers from Wills Lifestyle

Brogues from Clarks

Knit Tie from Turtle
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