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 Polka Creyate-5What would you look like if you could make your own clothes? Would you go metro-cool like Becks or full visvim like John Mayer? Or would you rather wear the bat-suit? Whatever it may be, something you design will be ‘you’ and wearing it will surely put a spring in your step. That’s where the guys at Creyate come in. Read on to find out.Polka Creyate-17

This is simply the best shirt I own right now. From the coconut shell buttons to the classic spread collar and my initials embroidered on the cuffs, it has everything and can go from formal to casual before you can say weekend. But even more so because it’s made to measure and made by me. Polka Creyate-7

Creyate is a custom clothier that aims to bridge the gap between ready to wear and bespoke clothing. Since you are in complete control of the way the garment fits and looks, going the Creyate way is a no-brainer. However it is far cheaper and less tedious than going the bespoke route and sitting through multiple fittings. Instead, Creyate sends you your made to measure product in 12 days. Most excellent!

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  Being a big admirer of menswear from the 40’s, a spread collar shirt with a bold pattern was the first thing that came to mind when I set about designing my custom garment using Creyate’s easy to use interface. Orange and blue are my favorite colors to pair up and when I found this particular fabric in the long list of choices I was offered, I knew I had to have it. A woolen herringbone jacket makes this outfit easy on the eyes and keeps the cold away.

  Polka Creyate-15

They say you should never match your shirt and tie but in this case I think I did a great job of bending the rules. Gold tie bar to break the outfit in the center. Gotta run them jewels.

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A 40’s look would be sorely incomplete without a hat. There was a time when men wouldn’t leave home without one. It isn’t entirely necessary to match your hat to your shoes and your belt as I have done here.

Polka Creyate-1

Creyate also lets you put a short message on your custom garment and I chose to get a lyric from my favorite Nas song thrown in. ‘I ‘I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death’, goes the line from the seminal track, N.Y State of Mind. To me it’s a personal reminder to stay woke and not be caught in an inert stagnant state in my life. The shirt also comes with extra collar stays, which also have your name on them.

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The Vans OTW Pritchard looks like a dress shoe, but is as comfy as a skate shoe and skates like one too. Premium suede on the upper with a classic gum outsole and fake cutouts on the sole make it look real good as well. I’ve done a simple lace swap here. This pair has stayed with me for a long time and at one point, were the only pair of shoes I owned besides my trainers. I wore these to work and gigs and parties and everything else. They did begin to fall apart, but a few minutes spent at a local cobbler gluing in some leather strips on the inside, fixed them up for good.

Polka Creyate-19

For some reason, I am extremely happy with this outfit. Maybe I’ve found ‘me’.

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Shirt from Creyate

Trousers from Wills Lifestyle

Jacket from Mast & Harbour

Shoes from Vans

Tie bar from Asos

Images by Roshan Chikodi

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