Camo Love.

It has been a while since I have posted here, in spite of promising myself I would actively pursue this. But I guess later is better than never so here goes with my first outfit post. PS: Until I manage to set up my tripod at home and find good camera angles, the pictures will … Read more


At times, reduced to a cloud of stardust, I float aimlessly Glowing everytime she speaks my name. She is Polaris. Fixed in my sky, unmoving. The other Dipper, the Bigger Bear. A pair do we make in the night sky. To be seen by all throughout time. Maybe I’ll grow cold and distant like Neptune. … Read more


Behind your back, The polka dots you wore glared at me. You turned and as I was watching you our eyes met, briefly. For a millisecond, maybe three. For a year, maybe a million. The coffee I was holding went cold, long forgotten. Frozen. I was lost in your eyes, Those endless icy spheres. Wind … Read more

First Post

Hello World, I haven’t written a blog post since 2009. So it has been a while. This blog will be about the things I am passionate about. That is a bunch of things. Anyways I start this off with a photo i took in the city i consider as the most beautiful in my country, … Read more