Three Days Of The Condor

Camo shirt-5                  On Sunday mornings, I like to sit by the lake near my house in a black pea-coat and feed pigeons, waiting for top secret documents like Robert Redford in Three Days of the Condor. Joke. I do not like pigeons, they walk funny. But cold mornings are probably the only time I can actually wear a pea-coat, thanks to the blazing summer that has already set in. Thankfully, it has been raining for the past three days here so this outfit works in the evenings as well, as long as you stay dry. With the monsoons and colder weather coming up, outerwear becomes a necessity. So let’s take a closer look here.

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The Nike Lebron XII

LebronXII-1    What’s it like, getting my feet into the most technologically advanced shoe available on the market today? What is this thing? Why does it look like something out of the year 2200 A.D? These are the questions I shall try and answer in this week’s edition of Sneaker Sundays, featuring the latest in Nike’s Lebron line of shoes, The Twelve. Seen here in it’s lead ‘NSRL’ colorway, it sparks the usual ‘What colorful shoes!’ reaction from most folks who show up to the blacktop, people completely oblivious to the amount of science that goes into these sneakers. Technologically, this shoe is the equivalent of a microwave oven in the ’40s. Yes. That makes sense because all the shoes you’ve worn thus far were just born from ideas in a designers mind. This shoe however, came from a lab, The Nike Sports Research Lab. Created using data gathered from in-depth analysis of Lebron’s playing style. This is very important because James did not wear the Lebron XI much during the 2013-14 season, and claimed that he wasn’t happy with them. So Nike set out to design a shoe that could support Lebron’s raw power and big jumps, while keeping him safe. Looking at the Cav’s performance in the playoffs so far, and after wearing this shoe, I think they did a pretty good job.

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Roshe Flyknit-42The skies in my city have been real grey lately. Rain and hailstorms every other day. It is not fun being stuck indoors when you’ve got all these wonderful clothes to stunt. But hey, rain clouds are quite unpredictable. Never know when the sky just clears. Stepping out real quick and don’t know what to wear? Here’s a simple, easy outfit that you can throw on in no time.

Roshe Flyknit-40

Washed denim may have been an 80’s staple, yet stays relevant to this day. There is something amazing about stone washed denim. Maybe its the rough-looking texture that feels soft to the touch. Maybe its the vintage appeal. Who knows? Just put it on. You can wear the hell out of denim without thinking twice.

Roshe Flyknit-43

Sweatpants are the new jeans they said. This made me think about what the world was coming to, until I got myself a pair to try out this ‘jogger’ phenomenon. And I have been converted. Cuffed sweatpants aka Joggers are super comfy and can be worn just like a pair of jeans. Of course I won’t be throwing out all my jeans anytime soon, but joggers have found their place in my wardrobe. For sneakerheads, they are optimal for showing off shoes! Just make sure that they are cut slim and are cuffed, lest you end up looking like a soccer dad. These particular examples from      Forever 21 have moto detailing at the knees that really sets them apart. Look for interesting details that speak to you, in all the clothes you wear.Roshe Flyknit-44

We come to the most important part of this outfit, the shoes of course! These are Nike Roshe One Flyknits. You can find a full review of the shoe and some interesting details about Nike’s Flyknit technology in yesterday’s post here. Since the rest of this outfit is not loud, it is wise to wear statement shoes that immediately take the outfit up a few notches on the swagger scale. The Roshes are light and comfy and you will not want to take them off your feet, which goes with the overall laid-back tone of the outfit itself. Also with that beautiful knit upper, they are sure to turn heads wherever you go.
Roshe Flyknit-47Scowling at fences is fun. So there you have it, some easy streetwear. I wouldn’t recommend sweatpants for work just yet but they work great everywhere else, as long as the rest of your outfit doesn’t look sloppy, with a nice pair of clean kicks laced up.

Roshe Flyknit-41

Denim shirt from Topman

Joggers from Forever 21

Nike Roshe One Flyknits from

Pictures by Lily Dechamma.