Republic Of Denim – Jabong


Denim is probably the greatest invention since sliced bread.  Classic, timeless, and versatile, there’s barely anyone today who doesn’t have a pair of true blues in their wardrobe. Denim lovers today might just have too many styles to choose from – whether you like your jeans acid washed, straight, frayed, patched, ripped or just straight up destroyed, there’s a brand out there that makes a pair in your size. And Jabong, who’ve been at the forefront of the e-comm fashion boom in India for a while now, have been consistent in bringing the best denim to India. They got a bunch of people, including yours truly, together recently to showcase the way we like our denim and called it – Jabong #RepublicOfDenim.


As much as I love rocking a jacket-tie combo with some slim indigo jeans, I’ve found myself wearing sneakers a lot more nowadays and that means that I can be a little more broad with the kind of jeans I wear. I love biker denim, not just for the articulation that you get which comes in handy when riding a motorcycle but also for the style itself. Add a little bit of distressing and the result is on-trend. Life lesson – Slim styles when pin-rolled help you show off your sneakers to the maximum. The rest of the outfit is quite simple so that the focus stays on the denim. Remember guys, excess isn’t always good.

Hit up Jabong’s Republic Of Denim page for all your denim needs and check out this fun campaign video we shot!

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