F2000 by Flying Machine Autumn/Winter ’15 II


Bomber jackets have history that is more aligned with military use and streetwear of late. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn with trousers. 


Bomber jackets have become a cornerstone of my wardrobe. I believe  that no matter what the weather or occasion, there is a bomber jacket that can see you through. Flying Machine’s new Autumn/Winter collection has some brilliant bomber jackets, one of which I featured in the previous post in this series. Gold zippers and camo never looked so good together.


For a clean look like this, it is best to go with a slimmer tailored bomber that is anything but bulky.


This is a look that can easily make the transition from the workplace to the pub, given the casual nature of the jacket and the print.


Some interesting collar detail on this crisp white shirt from Flying Machine’s F2000 collection. It also comes with a hidden placket and convertible cuffs, so you can put on your favorite cufflinks.


The F2000 collection also carries some nice coated denim. The coating makes gives this grey pair of jeans a lovely matte finish and adds some durability as well.


Layering with patterns can be a difficult thing to do but with enough experimentation, it is something that can become second nature. Camouflage is one of my favorite prints and if you are not a fan of the usual green/black/brown version, give Urban camo a spin. It’s a lot easier on the eyes, but still bad-ass. Pair with monochrome for best results.


Apparel from Flying Machine

Flying Machine’s new F2000 Autumn/Winter collection is available in stores now

Photos by Pruthviraj Naik


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    Thanks for the post. There is someone who knows streetwear brands with nice camo and military style for women. Until now I knew only a few websites like wooddeers that propose many good military styles and camo pattern sections https://wooddeers.com/stores/streetwear-military-style-section/ but now I would like something more specific

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