Clarks Trigenic Flex

Today’s sneaker review features a shoe made by a company founded in 1825. Clarks has been at the top of the smart casual footwear market for a while now and are trying to step into the sportswear market with the Clarks Trigenic Flex, a shoe that aims to combine the past and the present, while making a statement. Check out the video review above, and read on for more images!

clarks trigenic flex

At first glance this shoe looks like a futuristic version of the Clarks Weaver, although the way that the pieces of leather and EVA intertwine here suggest completely different origins.

clarks trigenic flex

Here’s a closer look at the upper. Moccasin construction, beautiful stitches and some quality suede come together to make one of the most beautiful uppers I’ve seen on a shoe. There is a nubuck version as well.

  clarks trigenic flex

Soft leather pull tabs at the rear are more for aesthetics than function. The way this shoe is built, there really is no need for a pull tab. See that Vibram logo?

clarks trigenic flex vibram outsole

The Trigenic Flex comes with a Vibram outsole. Vibram have been making rugged outsoles for use in technical footwear for ages now, and are also well known for the Five Fingers range of minimalist running shoes. As far as this shoe is concerned, the Vibram co-sign means that you can expect a great deal of durability and stability from this shoe. The midsole and the outsole are basically one unit made of EVA and this means less weight too. Not only that, the outsole is decoupled into three units so that it flexes at the heel and toe, making the Trigenic Flex (hope the name makes sense now), an excellent walking shoe. I do wish it offered a little more in terms of breathability however.

clarks trigenic flex insole

The leather insole comes with a Clarks Originals stamp and an attached heel counter. It should mold nicely to your foot over time. Due to the moccasin construction, the foot is actually cradled in a single piece of leather onto which the outsole has been glued.

clarks trigenic flex

Designed by Prad Indrakumar, this shoe is definitely a looker. It looks nothing like anything Clarks has ever put out before. Prad works at Clarks Sportswear, a division of the company that aims to reinterpret iconic Clarks Originals silhouettes in an athletic context. A bold step in the right direction for the brand.

 clarks trigenic flex

Created from an asymmetric last, the Trigenic Flex matches the shape of the foot more closely and offers a great deal of articulation. A design inspired by MC Escher’s interlocked tessellations, this shoe is made of less than a dozen pieces. An efficient design that results in less waste as well.

clarks trigenic flex on feet

The Clarks Trigenic Flex and it’s futuristic lines are guaranteed to turn heads. This beautiful teal colorway helps a lot too. As far as sizing goes, I found that it runs a little wide, so people with narrow feet, try before you buy.

clarks trigenic flex

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Photos by Uday Shanker

Buy the Clarks Trigenic Flex on the official website.

clarks trigenic flex

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