Being Human Spring/Summer ’16- What is Selvedge Denim?

being human jeans

Being Human just added Selvedge denim to their denim lineup as part of their new Spring Summer ’16 collection. Not sure what Selvedge denim is? Read on to find out!

being human jeans

Light wash denim is back and is here to stay. Or did it ever really leave? Being Human makes some mean pairs of washed jeans and this here is a real nice example. I’m not sure if its meant to be taken off, but I left that coin hanging from the belt loop because I think its an interesting touch. Why is that coin there? It’s because this pair of jeans is made from Selvedge denim and that coin screams quality.

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If you look at the edges of the denim in the above image, you will see that they come finished with tightly woven bands that run down each side. These save the denim from fraying, raveling and curling at the edges. And they add some nice contrast when turned up. That is the mark of selvedge denim. Selvedge or ‘Self-Edge’ refers to the finished edges that most fabrics made on shuttle looms came with, way back in the day. Production of selvedge denim died down due to high production costs and longer production times as opposed to non-selvedge denim that was made on newer projectile looms. But today, the demand for selvedge denim is on the rise due to the promise of quality and the nuances of the production process. For me, Japan is the undisputed king of selvedge denim and it is my dream to own a pair of jeans that were made on a Japanese loom. Selvedge jeans will hold up for a very long time and hence are a good investment for you to make if you wear your jeans a lot, instead of buying a new pair of cheap jeans every year.

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Breezy knit tees are a summer essential. Its all about the airflow.

   being human tee

Trucker caps get a really bad rep, probably because of this guy. In all honesty they are just another type of baseball cap and work really well in summers.

being human tee

Hope that quick guide to selvedge denim helps you choose your next pair of jeans wisely!

Being Human’s new Summer collection is in stores now.

Photos by Roshan Chikodi

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