Product Review: Beardo Beard Oil & Wash


No this won’t turn into another, ‘7 reasons why you must date a guy with a beard!’ story. Growing and maintaining a beard is something men have been doing for a very long time. Growing a beard isn’t as easy as not shaving, and takes quite a lot of patience and knowledge to do properly. And there are products that can help you along the way. As beards grow, they can end up being itchy, scratchy and untamed. The itch is one of the main reasons why I don’t sport a beard. I ride a motorcycle and have to wear a helmet, which does not help my face at all. The itching is worst during the first few weeks of beard growth, and I could never bring myself to get through this phase to get to the beard on the other side. This is where beard oil helped me.

Beards are made of hair (duh!), and much like the hair on your head, need some care. Beard oil basically moisturizes the hair and the skin under the beard. Additionally, beard oils are often scented so they make your beard smell nice and add some shine too! I got a hold of Beardo‘s ‘Old Fashioned‘ Beard Oil, which contains essences of Cedarwood, Clove, and Lime, which are quite a pleasant smelling trio. It also contains Jojoba, Hazelnut and Almond oil, which are used as carriers. This is something that cannot be used in an undiluted form and needs to be diluted with water before application. Get a couple of drops on your palm, dilute, and apply. Quite simple really, although I wish the bottle came with some sort of dropper. I found that the fragrance stayed on for about 5 hours after application, which isn’t too bad. I also found that I had zero skin irritation after application, which was amazing.

Beardo also has a beard wash which is another beard growth essential. Washing your beard improperly can strip the hair of its natural oils, drying out your beard and making the hair abrasive. I play a sport every day, so I need to wash my beard every day too. The beard wash contains a mild soap that does not harm your beard and instead helps it grow. Beardo’s beard wash left my (small) beard feeling fresh and smelling real nice.

The Beardo beard care set also comes with a wooden comb, which I did not find useful because I simply do not have hair long enough to comb, on my head or on my face. Wooden combs are awesome though, and this one is made with wood from the Shisam tree. It looks real cool and is durable fo sho.

It is worth nothing that not all beards grow the same. If you are blessed with good beard genes, you will have a full and luxurious chin of hair in two months. If not, you may end up with patchy growth even after not going anywhere near a razor for half a year. But with patience, care and a little bit of product, any chin can sport some kind of beard. Otherwise, there’s always the Beard transplant. Seriously. Yes, beards are considered manly and studies show that women are crazy for bearded men, but if you are unable to naturally grow a beard, big deal. There are tons of other things you can do to enhance your appearance. Also, I think that the presence or absence of facial hair has nothing to do with masculinity.

Always remember what Action Hank said.

With regular trims and using Beardo’s products, here’s what I managed to grow in about two months. I’ve since gone back to being clean shaven because, well beards aren’t forever. Beards are actually a nice way to break from your usual look and are worth trying out, atleast just to see what you look like. You never know, you might just love it.


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Beardo products can be purchased online on their website.


  1. I’m sorry, but that beard does not need any beard oil for at least another 3 months

    • Hi Kapil. Thank you for your comment. I use the oil to help me deal with the constant itchy feeling as my beard grows. I do not believe that there is any minimum period of time before which one can start using beard oil. Can you please clarify?

      • Akshay Nagpal Reply

        you seriously dont know a thing about beards. you are just promoting the product.

  2. Farzana Ansari Reply

    Love this post. Beards whatever length could do with beard oil. Its like how we girls moisturize even our hair less skin. Thank you!

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