The streetwear game in India was just given a huge shot in the arm with the opening of FlyRack, an online streetwear store for India. Featuring pieces from brands like Mishka, Akomplice and Crooks & Castles, FlyRack has a pretty fly catalog already. Here’s a spotlight on some of my favorite pieces from American streetwear brand Akomplice, that they have in store.


Akomplice is a streetwear brand from Colorado, founded in 2004 by two brothers on the simple philosophy of “Evolution through innovation”. Not one to follow trends, Akomplice has always done its own thing and by doing so have carved out their own identity in the streetwear game in the last ten years.


This is a simple design really. Lady Liberty with her torch swapped out for a pistol. The meaning is left open for interpretation. Does it mean that freedom comes through power, or is it the other way around? Interesting.


Here’s some trivia for you guys. Being a strong and popular design, this tee has been spotted on the backs of various rappers including 50 Cent and Immortal Technique, and even made it into an episode of Entourage.

Akomplis-4  Akomplis-6

Take a simple bomber jacket and make the zipper wrap around the collar and you have something radical.


Part of a full co-ord set from Akomplice’s Summer ’14 collection, these printed joggers are straight fire. When a hangtag reads, ‘This product has been made with unconditional love.’, you know that the brand believes in its message.


A closer look at the ‘scribbles’ print, and might I add, these are some comfy pants. A drawstring waist, cuffed ankles and useful pockets complete the package.


The Puma Disc Blaze does a great job of elevating any outfit to another level because of its futuristic design.


Apparel from Akomplice Clothing

Akomplice is available in India exclusively via FlyRack. FlyRack is an Indian online streetwear store for men, associated with premium streetwear labels from the US, Europe, and Australia. It aims to make it simple for men to find high quality streetwear at good prices, minus the hassle of shipping and dealing with customs when shipping items from abroad. Head over to their site to check out the rest of their catalog!

Photos by Pruthviraj Naik


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