Air Max BW : ‘Window To My City’


Happy Air Max Day guys! In 1991, Nike released the Air Max BW and it had a bigger ‘window’ in the heel than any other Air Max model before it. Fast forward to 2016 and Nike has come out with a modernized take on the BW, featuring updated materials and a cored out outsole, bringing the classic runner into the modern age. Just like the Big Window shows you the soul of the shoe, here are some places in Bangalore, where I live, that make up the essence of the city.


Bangalore has a lot of lakes that make for great running tracks and are amazing if you want to just sit back and watch sunsets.

AirMaxBW-1 AirMaxBW-2

Vidhana Soudha is the seat of Karnataka’s Legislative Assembly. The imposing granite coloumns and the buildings Neo-Dravidian architectural style are a sight to behold.



Bangalore Town Hall is another landmark in Bangalore with its neoclassical styling. Can’t help but feel like Rocky Balboa when running up that (short) flight of stairs out front.


Summer in Bangalore is marked with the appearance of these lovely yellow flowers everywhere. Tabebuia Aurea or the Tree of Gold is a ‘Bangalore’ staple.


Bangalore is called The Garden City. Parks, small and big litter the city and provide a welcome respite from the sweltering heat by way of huge shady trees.

AirMaxBW-16 AirMaxBW-18 AirMaxBW-19 AirMaxBW-20

If you play a sport, then Bangalore has a stadium/court for it!


Sandwiched between two high rises, you will find a little crumbling building that has seen better days. Places like these give us a glimpse of what Bangalore used to be.


Bangalore wouldn’t last a day without its flyovers. Seriously.

AirMaxBW-29 AirMaxBW-30  AirMaxBW-38

Rooftop lunches on high-rises.

AirMaxBW-39 AirMaxBW-40 AirMaxBW-42

Standing next to a glasshouse at midday is a bad idea. Lalbagh’s glasshouse, which is modeled after the Crystal Gardens in London, holds two annual flower shows that are a definite treat for flower lovers of all kinds.

To me, this is what Bangalore is. What are the places in your city that would make up it’s soul? Do you know?

Photos by Uday Shanker/Pruthviraj Naik

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    Uday I love this post! You’ve captured the soul of Bangalore so well!

    • Thank you so much Nilu! 🙂

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